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A privately held IT company, Velocity Network Solutions was founded in 1999 by former Yahoo! Sr. Network Administrator, Thaddeus Gerber. Thad saw a gap in the IT services market where local small to mid-size businesses were frequently being under-served by IT companies employing inexperienced staff and impractical solutions. The vision was not only to create an IT company that strictly hired seasoned professionals but one that could also act as a business’s single resource for all of their technology needs.

Today, we’ve brought our vision into fruition by providing Southern California businesses with a wide range of IT solutions including backup & disaster recovery, network security, cloud computing, remote access & support, CIO level IT consultation, vendor management and more. Over the past several years, we have strategically implemented hundreds of projects and installed thousands of computers along with other network related items…all under the guidance of our highly experienced IT professionals.

What Makes Us Different from Your Typical IT Companies in Los Angeles?

"Zero-Tier" Help Desk - Our “Zero-Tier” help desk saves you from spending unnecessary time on the phone with help desk support. We do so by hiring only the best support technicians, which eliminates the need for a traditional tiered support system. With our Zero-Tier help desk, you no longer have to worry about getting stuck on the phone with an inexperienced technician who is only qualified to help you with simple issues. With Velocity, the person you call is the person who solves your problems.

100% Resource Dedication - In order to maximize revenue, most IT firms split their technical resources between supporting their ongoing managed services clients and engaging in one-off project work. The problem with this model is that it leaves their managed services clients at risk if the technical staff is engaged in heavy project work for other companies. We take a different approach and feel our clients deserve our complete attention. Our staff is dedicated 100% toward ensuring our client’s needs are being met and their networks proactively monitored. In the event of an emergency, we always have the necessary staff on-hand to resolve the issue. In short, Velocity is not out to maximize its revenue at the risk of our client’s well-being. 

Technology Neutral - At the end of the day, you need to know that the technology solutions presented to you are the best options, regardless of brand. As a "technology neutral" IT company, our consultants and technicians are trained in a wide variety of technology solutions, recommending the one's that make the most sense for your needs and budget. And, since we thoroughly vet every new technology that comes to market, you can rest at ease knowing the recommendations you receive have been heavily tested by our experts.

Steadfast Practicality - Your technology and the support of that technology should serve one simple purpose—to drive your key business initiatives. Our experienced IT consultants let you speak first and take the time needed to understand your business initiatives before selecting technology neutral, cost effective, practical IT solutions that deliver results.

Our PeopleWe leverage an extremely selective recruitment process whereby, on average, less than 1 in 150 applicants gets an interview and of those, 1 in 40 become an employee. Every member of our staff has a minimum of 5 years IT experience, various certifications relating to their area of expertise and, most importantly, a strong desire to understand and solve our client’s issues. Additionally, each of our technicians have a rich background in multi-client support, making them well equipped to handle the pressures of supporting more than on client at a time.

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