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5 Simple Tips to Secure Your Computer Network

Posted by VNS Staff

December 2, 2014 at 12:59 PM

secure computer networkProtecting your network from malicious attacks is pretty darn essential.

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Microsoft Office 2013 & Office 2010 Comparison

Posted by VNS Staff

November 19, 2014 at 9:38 AM

microsoft office 2013The MS Office 2013 productivity software suite is Microsoft's new version of Office to go with Windows 8. As such, it has an interface optimized for touch and features some of the tiled look of Windows 8. In line with Microsoft's effort to encourage customers to upgrade from older versions of Windows, the new Office version no longer runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Compared to the previous version, Office 2010, Microsoft has left the file formats unchanged and has kept almost all functions working as they did before. A few, such as AutoCorrect, are slightly harder to access. The new Office suite includes several added features in formating documents, improved PDF file handling and a better integration with online services such as Office 365 and SkyDrive. If you find that one of the specific changes listed below will improve the way you work, it may be worthwhile to upgrade.

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Comparison: Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps for Business

Posted by VNS Staff

November 13, 2014 at 8:00 AM

office365.googleappsGoogle first introduced simple online business applications such as word processing and spreadsheets in 2006, and offered a full on line application suite in 2007. As Google added functions and improved compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, the Google Apps for Business gained in popularity. Facing growing competition from Google, Microsoft introduced Office 365 in 2011, offering a wide variety of packages that included the on line applications and various licensing combinations of the desktop programs.

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File Sharing & Storage for Business: In the Cloud or Down to Earth?

Posted by VNS Staff

November 12, 2014 at 8:30 AM

cloud file sharingRegardless the size of your business, providing the best service possible and safeguarding the privacy of your clients, as well as your own business data, is of the utmost concern. Business solutions advance at such a rate that it's difficult to know if you are always providing the most secure, efficient, and reliable services available. Many small-to-medium business owners (SMB), and those considering new start-ups, question which approach to file sharing and storage will work best for their needs.

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7 IT Services Los Angeles Businesses Should Never Go Without

Posted by Guest

November 6, 2014 at 2:08 PM

los angeles it servicesYour company's IT network can help employees work more efficiently and reduce costs, but if the systems don't work properly, they become a liability instead. Well-functioning IT systems represent a competitive advantage for your company over competitors whose systems don't work well. A good way to ensure that you have the computers, networks and applications you need and that they are always working at peak performance is to make sure your Los Angeles business is receiving these 7 key IT services.

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Managed IT Services: 3 Reasons Businesses Are Making the Switch

Posted by VNS Staff

October 29, 2014 at 2:20 PM

los angeles managed it servicesWhen IT support starts using up a substantial part of your company's resources, it is often a good idea to hire a service provider to manage your IT systems. The provider becomes a partner who is familiar with your business and knows how to configure your IT resources for maximum benefit. For a fixed fee, you may end up with a system that is better matched to your needs and is more reliable. Rather than waiting for failures and then repairing the equipment, your managed IT services provider focuses on the long term, setting up and monitoring your systems to minimize problems and downtime.

There are three main reasons why your company may be better off with managed services rather than traditional IT support. They deal with the type of service you can expect to receive, the financial implications, and the overall framework of your relationship with a managed service provider.

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Cloud Computing: Simple Definitions and Applications

Posted by VNS Staff

October 27, 2014 at 9:46 AM

cloud computing definedCloud computing is on the list of hot topics for many IT departments and management meetings. IT managers are especially interested, because, instead of buying software licenses or hardware, they can get what they need from the cloud. The cloud definition is not universally understood, and so the term "cloudwashing" is also something those in the industry will hear floating around. The term applies when suppliers redefine their existing products and services as cloud computing when they don't really fit the concept.

Companies have to understand what cloud computing refers to if they want to be sure to reap the promised benefits.

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Tech Support: 5 Tips for Faster Troubleshooting

Posted by VNS Staff

October 24, 2014 at 10:47 AM

tech support los angelesMost people dread calling tech support. It's time consuming (and one of the things people hate most about IT support companies) to wait for a resolution yet it's also difficult for an IT technician to fix issues quickly unless they have the details they need. With some simple planning and preparation on your part, it’s possible to shave off some precious minutes spent on resolving your computer and network issues.

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6 Tips to Surf Safely on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Posted by VNS Staff

October 22, 2014 at 7:30 AM

network safety wi fiPublicly available Wi-Fi is a godsend for the busy traveler or road warrior, but those convenient networks can have a dark side. Setting up a public Wi-Fi network is easy; so easy that thieves often do it to steal personal data like credit card numbers, banking passwords and other sensitive data. If you are not careful, you could be giving away the keys to the kingdom the next time you log on from the local coffee shop or airport lounge.

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10 Tips to Boost Your Smartphone Security

Posted by VNS Staff

October 13, 2014 at 9:38 AM

smartphone securitySmartphones are ubiquitous now with millions of Android and iOS devices sold worldwide. Smartphone security issues have started appearing rampantly on these gadgets as many hackers, viruses, and other threats target smartphone platforms. It's important for you to be aware of these security risks if you use your smartphone for storing important personal and work-related data. In this article, you will find ten tips to secure your device.

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