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Apple's iWatch: Could Los Angeles IT Providers Support Such a Thing?

Posted by VNS Staff

February 15, 2013 at 12:39 PM

iwatch los angeles it supportIf you don't feel like reading this entire blog, the answer is "yes". IT providers in the Los Angeles area could (or more importantly, should) support Apple's deeply rumored iWatch.'re free to go on about your busy day. You're welcome! If you want to read more, there are still some tasty nuggets of knowledge in here that may be useful to you.

Arguably, many IT providers in Los Angeles area and the rest of the world are still catching on to the mobile device explosion. By default, this means the support of such devices is also a bit behind the curve. After all, it seems as though new devices are created every month with manufacturers rushing to meet consumer demand and exceed previously set standards for speed, usability and integration. In the case of Apple's iWatch, the standard attempting to be exceeded would clearly be size. If the iWatch actually comes into fruition, it would certainly set the stage for competitors to invest equally outrageous amounts of money on smart accessories. Anyone interested in an "iRing" or "iBelt"? No thanks.

Jason Perlow's recently published a great article on ZDNet in which he outlines much of the crazy buzz around the iWatch as well as it's potential place in the techno-watch scene. He points out that the watch technology craze is definitely nothing new, dating back as early as the late 1980's. Anyone remember those calculator/TV remote control watches?

What would be new, however, would be the way in which IT providers manage such devices for the businesses they support. As a Los Angeles IT provider that currently supports local business's mobile devices, supporting the iWatch would be much the same as the other iPads, iPhones, Androids and tablets we manage. The technology will be much the same, just smaller and likely more frustrating to the user.

Realistically, I anticipate that few professionals in the mobile workforce will utilize such a small device as their primary means of file access and collaboration. Editing an Excel spreadsheet, modifying designs or even writing emails seems as though it would be incredibly uncomfortable. With that said, I'm gonna be a betting man and say that I doubt the iWatch will even catch on at all in the business world, BUT, I suppose I'd be happy to lose that bet too.

What are your thoughts on the iWatch's potential uses in the mobile workforce?

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