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Can You Trust Your Cloud Solutions Provider? The Closure of Nirvanix

Posted by VNS Staff

September 19, 2013 at 3:37 PM

Nirvanix closure cloud solutionsThis week the cloud solutions industry was rocked by an announcement from Nirvanix that it was closing its doors for good. "Who cares," you say, "cloud providers fail all the time." This may be true, however, the large size of Nirvanix along with its rapid cease of support makes this closure one for the books. In fact, Nirvanix has given its partners (IT service providers) an alarming 2 week notice. For IT service providers who are ill prepared, an extremely short migration window combined with a massive amount of client data is enough to cause an IT consultant to keel over from a heart attack (and their clients to help them do so)!

This situation is a great example of how preparation, proper vetting and smart choices can make a sour debacle like the Nirvanix closure turn into one that's, at the very least, palatable.

So where does an IT provider turn to in order to protect their clients and their data? There are certainly a number of choices within the market but for us at Velocity Network Solutions, the choice was simple - HP Public Cloud. We've already been an HP partner for several years, so when the news of Nivanix's closure was made public, we knew exactly where to start our transition. What drew us to HP was their solid reputation as a leading technology firm along with the fact that they have ample resources to effectively develop a reliable enterprise cloud solution. At the end of the day, we have a partner we can trust and our client's information is safe and sound in the cloud.

For more information on how Velocity Network Solutions can help your business make smart choices in the cloud, contact us today.

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