Your New Colocation Provider in Los Angeles

Velocity’s secure colocation facilities are access controlled and built to withstand natural disasters. Our main data center, located in downtown Anaheim, California, offers you 24x7 security, state-of-the-art environmental controls and access to high-speed communication providers. In addition to our Anaheim location, we also have locations in Texas & Arizona.

Advantages Over Hosting Internally...

  • Reliable Uptime – Everything in our facility is redundant including air conditioning systems, UPS (un-interruptible power systems), power generators, utility power, network routers, and redundant Internet connections.

  • Improved Network Speed – Velocity’s colocation facilities not only have redundant Internet connections, but we are able to offer faster connections that are not available to most businesses. Whether your business needs 10 Megabits or 5000 Megabits, capacity is not an issue. Velocity is able to offer its customers Internet connections that are often times 50% to 75% percent cheaper than they could get from their local carrier.

  • Optimal Security – When you host servers in your office, you run the risk of physical theft. It happens more often than you think. Velocity’s facilities are staffed by security guards 24x7. Nothing and no-one gets in and out of our facilities without the proper clearance. In addition, your servers and networking gear are stored in locked network racks monitored by security cameras.