Our Help Desk is Zero-Tier & Truly Unlimited

Ever sat on the phone with tech support for 30 minutes only to find out the technician isn’t qualified to solve your problem, then they pass you up to the next tier to try again? This drain on your staff's time can be one of the most costly issues your organization faces each day. Our “Zero-Tier” help desk saves you from spending unnecessary time on the phone with help desk support. We hire only the best support technicians, which eliminates the need for a traditional tiered support system. Your staff no longer has to worry about getting stuck on the phone with an inexperienced technician who is only qualified to help you with simple issues. With Velocity, the person you call is the person who solves your problems.

Why Outsource Your Help Desk Services to Velocity?


Worried about language barriers or gaps in communication? Most people are when they think about “outsourcing” anything. Don’t worry; our entire IT support team, including the help desk, is located nearby in North Hollywood, CA. By outsourcing your day-to-day help desk services through us, your business will gain the cost effective, experienced support it needs to stay productive.

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