Managed Services for Los Angeles Area Businesses.

Managed services should simplify more than IT & budgets - it should simplify the entire client experience.

Being one of the best managed services companies in Los Angeles is great, and being the easiest company to work with is even better. Aside from our technical expertise, being easy to work with is one of the reasons we maintain one of the highest client retention rates in our industry. After all, managed services is supposed to be easy. With simple, fixed fees, a comprehensive set of IT services and proactive support, there shouldn't be any room for confusion, ambiguity or network downtime. A great managed IT services offering should

When it comes to technology products, vendors and services, it's the Wild West out there.

If you're reading this, than you've likely discovered this already. We control the chaos of supporting your employees, selecting the right technology solutions, implementing those solutions and determining which direction best suits your business needs. Heck, we even manage your other technology vendors. In short, we manage everything related to technology so you and your team have one number to call for all things tech...for one fixed monthly fee.

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What we manage for Los Angeles area businesses:

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24x7 Network Monitoring - Most people don't simply clock out at the end of the day, so they need network availability that works right along side them. Our round-the-clock monitoring ensures you never need to worry about off-time downtime.

Backup & Disaster Recovery - Your data is the lifeblood of your business, so why risk losing it to negligence, hackers or user error? We have a number of backup and disaster recovery solutions available to help you feel safe and sound (and sleep at night).

On-site Support - While most issues can be fixed remotely, there are those than just need a physical technician on-site to resolve. We have remote techs based all throughout L.A., so we can be there in a jiffy when things go wrong.

Cloud Services - You've likely discovered that the cloud has numerous benefits for businesses like yours. But which solutions are the right solutions and what blend of cloud/on-site infrastructure makes sense? We help you with that.

Vendor Management - When it comes to technology, there are not only a lot of solutions out there, but vendors to go along with them too. It can be a huge headache trying to manage your printing, internet, software and other vendors, so we do that for you. One call, many fixes.

Mobile Device Support - Today's workforce looks much different than the past. With tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices being increasingly used for work, the support of these devices must also follow this trend. We do that too.

Network Documentation - We've found that most L.A. business owners have no idea what their network looks like or what's involved with it. The truth is, even if you don't want to know, it's your network and you should have all the info readily available to you. We create (and update) this info for all our managed services clients.

Security Solutions - Protecting your data and network is just as important important as keeping it running. That's why we employ the latest enterprise security solutions to help protect our clients from what's lurking out there on the internet.

Proactive Maintenance - Someone once said, "If you're not ahead, you're behind." We think this applies to your network too. Simply fixing what's broken does not solve the problems that have yet to become critical threats to your productivity. Our proactive maintenance thwarts the issues before they get expensive.

Procurement - Figuring out what hardware and software to purchase can take some careful thought...and time. That's why we offer our managed services clients the ability to simply handle all purchasing through us - saving time and money in one simple transaction.

Remote Help Desk - What good is a managed services agreement if you can't call someone to fix stuff? We know the only thing better than a solved problem is a quickly solved problem, which is why a vast majority of our support is done remotely through our "Zero-Tier" help desk team of highly qualified and local technicians.

Standardization - The last thing you want is a million pieces of technology floating around, piecemealed together by random consultants. It makes tasks like support, guidance and maintenance take that much longer (and cost that much more). With our managed services agreement, we streamline and simplify your technology by standardizing many of the assets and procedures within your network.